About Us!


The Custom Cutting block is a small operation (no employees!) located in Madison, Ohio. We are not a mass production factory. Each piece is individually hand-crafted, one at a time. Every one of our cutting boards and blocks has its own character and unique features. Stuart Henderlich has been woodworking for most of his life and has recently focused on creating cutting boards and blocks. Most often when our cutting boards are sold, people respond "I can't possibly cut on this, it is too beautiful". This is where art meets function. Our cutting boards belong on the counter for all to see, not hidden away inside a cabinet.

We have noticed that almost half of the cutting boards we have sold have been for gifts. You name it, weddings, wedding showers, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, house warming, corporate gifts, etc. Not only are our cutting boards a unique gift, but we are also able to take it a step further by personalizing them by inlaying different species of wood(s) within your cutting board. Whether its a name, monogram, design or logo it's up to you.

We feature mostly cutting blocks. Our cutting blocks (also known as butcher or chopping blocks) use the end grain of a board. The end grain is far superior to the more commonly used edge grain found in a typical cutting board. Compare wood fibers to a piece of rope. Try to cut into the end (end grain) of a rope with a knife. You can easily slice into it, however, you cannot cut it. Now lay the rope on its side (edge grain) and try to cut it in half. Now you have two pieces of rope!

Every one of our cutting blocks features FDA approved, water-resistant adhesive, non-marking rubber feet, and they are finished with our oil/beeswax finish! Please note that finger slots and juice grooves are optional.