Frequently Asked questions

1. How often should I apply the conditioner?
With daily use apply every 2-3 weeks or when the board appears dry. You can not over apply the conditioner.

2. How do I get more condioner?

3. How should I clean my board?

Dish detergent, scrub brush, rinse and dry immediately. Do not allow food to remain on the board for extended periods of time. Always keep the board as dry as possible.

4. Can I cut raw meat on my board?
Yes. Clean as usual, spray with kitchen cleaner with bleach. Repeat with soap and water. Let dry.

5. What about bacteria?
If the board is cleaned as recommended it should not be an issue. Believe it or not wooden boards dry so rapidly the bacteria cannot survive.

6. Can I use serrated knives?
No. These knives will act like a saw- permanently scarring the board.

7. Are they dishwasher safe?
Absolutely not!

8. After the first couple uses the board doesn't feel as smooth. The edges feel fuzzy. What is wrong?

This is normal and cannot be avoided. This is only temporary and will go away after a week or two. During the sanding process we wet the boards to lessen this. We suggest sanding the rough area's with 220 grit sandpaper and then applying conditioner. Clean the sandpaper with water and scrub brush, dry and reuse.

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